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nexus-artifact-uploader-plugin reports file uploaded to nexus when no file has been uploaded


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    • Jenkins ver. 2.205
      nexus artifact updater plugin version 2.13

      Sample pipeline job to test uploading a file to a "raw" repository in nexus3:

      pipeline {
          agent {
              label "<something>"
          stages {
              stage("Upload") {
                  steps {
                      sh label: '', script: 'echo "hello world" > jenkins-artifact.txt'
                      archiveArtifacts 'jenkins-artifact.txt'
                      nexusArtifactUploader artifacts: [[artifactId: 'nexus-artifact-uploader', classifier: '', file: 'jenkins-artifact.txt', type: 'txt']], credentialsId: 'jenkins-nexus-upload', groupId: 'customer.test1', nexusUrl: '<nexus URI>', nexusVersion: 'nexus3', protocol: 'https', repository: 'test-customer', version: '0.4'

      Console log shows:

      [Pipeline] archiveArtifacts
      Archiving artifacts
      [Pipeline] nexusArtifactUploader
      Uploading artifact jenkins-artifact.txt started....
      GroupId: customer.test1
      ArtifactId: customer.test1
      Type: txt
      Version: 0.4
      File: jenkins-artifact.txt
      Uploading: https://<nexus URI>/repository/test-customer/customer/test1/nexus-artifact-uploader/0.4/nexus-artifact-uploader-0.4.txt
      [Pipeline] }

      However there is no file available in nexus in the `test-customer` repository.


      The user specified in the jenkins credentials has the privileges:

      • nx-component-upload
      • nx-repository-view-raw-test-customer-add
      • nx-repository-view-raw-test-customer-browse

      Using the web UI the user has the option to upload files.


      What else is needed to be able to publish artifacts to nexus3?

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