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downstreamPipelineTriggerRunListener: Severe performance regression in 3.9.x


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    • pipeline-maven-plugin
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    • Jenkins 2.263
      pipelien-maven-plugin 3.9.3
      PostgreSQL 9.5.23
      Ubuntu 16.04.07 LTS
    • pipeline-maven-3.11.0

      We're facing a severe performance regression after upgrading the pipeline-maven-plugin from 3.8.3 to 3.9.3.
      In 3.8.3 the downstreamPipelineTriggerRunListener needed ~52.031 ms to complete.
      In 3.9.3 the downstreamPipelineTriggerRunListener needs ~24.694.245 ms (~7 hours)

      The task manager shows 100% CPU usage for a postgre processes while the listener runs.
      The only changes related to SQL-Statements between 3.8.3 and 3.9.3 have been introduced by this PR: https://github.com/jenkinsci/pipeline-maven-plugin/pull/226 (JENKINS-59500)

      The second observation i made is that the message "Skip triggering ... because it has a dependency on a pipeline that will be triggered by this build" is now printed 46 times for the same job in 3.9.3 instead of 15 times in 3.8.3.

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