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Forced to restart Hudson Master every 3 days or so because process locks up.


      Running latest version of Hudson in master-slave configuration on 2 servers, each with 4 CPUs with 1GB of memory, with each slave and the master assigned to an individual CPU. Using Subversion as Source Management and polling every 5 mins for changes. All projects in same repository target. Forcing Update and Revert because we have had issues with projects failing compilation step due to conflicts. SMTP mail functionality with editable e-mail notification. Have a few specific jobs tied to specific executor, allow others to free float to whatever executor is available. Locks & Latches to prevent concurrent execution of processes that should not run at same time. Using active directory to manage security. Reporting violations for FxCop, Simian, and JSLint (through PDM option).

      Every 3 days or so we see the Master begin consuming 25% of the CPU power (even when nothing is running, the UI becomes slow and slows down as time goes by, and within a few hours the UI for the tool simply stops responding. We are forced to restart the service for the master to correct the issue. Remain unable to ascertain what is causing the issue, although we suspect based on research that it might be something with the Subversion polling mechanism.

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