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Upgrade and migrate to Apache Mina SSH 2.x


    • Apache Mina SSH Upgrade

      This epic is to track the various efforts required in order to upgrade Jenkins' copy (from sshd-module) of Apache Mina SSHD from 1.x to 2.x along with migrating existing usage of Trilead SSH to use Mina instead. As the Trilead project is no longer maintained outside Jenkins, it's important to pay off the technical debt of continued maintenance of an outdated SSH library when we can migrate to an up to date library instead.

      The two primary goals of the epic:

      • Upgrade any usage of Mina SSH 1.x to use 2.x
      • Migrate any usage of Trilead SSH to use Mina SSH 2.x

      An additional nice to have would be to do similarly for JSch, though that library was maintained until far more recently than Trilead was which makes it a lower priority to handle.

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