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Multi-line build log indication stops matching after some number of characters


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    • Jenkins 2.249.3
      Build Failure Analyzer 1.27.1

      When using a multi-line build log indication to match a long (~12kb) region of the build log, the matcher fails after ~1700 bytes - attempting to match the next character fails.

      For example (full logs attached below), with a multi-line log sequence consisting of:

      [2020-11-26T11:20:44.236Z] ==6711==ERROR: AddressSanitizer: heap-use-after-free on address 0x61d00003fce0 at pc 0x00000207bd2a bp 0x7ffe0d7e34d0 sp 0x7ffe0d7e34c8
      ... more lines ...
      ... long line ending in ...  shared_ptr_base.h:470:9

      The following regex successfully matches:

      ERROR: AddressSanitizer:.*shared_ptr_base.h:

      But attempting to match one more character fails:

      ERROR: AddressSanitizer:.*shared_ptr_base.h:4

      Curiously, if I attempt to match the end of a line (even though there isn't an end of line after the ":") the regex matches:

      ERROR: AddressSanitizer:.*shared_ptr_base.h:$

      (Possibly relevant - this is using the Pipeline plugin + timstamper so it's helpfully embedded timestamps at the start of every line which I have to regex-around...)

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