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Git branch source provider adds long delays with many branches



    • Type: Improvement
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    • Priority: Minor
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    • Component/s: git-plugin
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      Jenkins 2.263.1
      Plugins as stored in the lts-with-plugins branch of my docker-lfs repo
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      The git branch source provider inserts a 15 second delay when running a job in a multibranch project in some cases and then inserts another delay of 15 seconds before starting the actual work of running the job.

      The GitHub branch source provider does not insert those delays. Users should use the higher level branch source providers (GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, Gitea) rather than the branch source provider from the git plugin.

      Issue is visible in my jenkins-bugs repository (currently with 170 branches).

      Git branch source time stamps

      Notice the elapsed time gap between "Branch indexing" and the next statement, then the elapsed time gap between "Seen 170 remote branches" and the next statement.

      00:00:00.001  Branch indexing
      00:00:16.322   > git rev-parse --is-inside-work-tree # timeout=11
      00:00:16.326  Setting origin to https://github.com/MarkEWaite/jenkins-bugs.git
      00:00:16.326   > git config remote.origin.url https://github.com/MarkEWaite/jenkins-bugs.git # timeout=11
      00:00:16.329  Fetching origin...
      00:00:16.330  Fetching upstream changes from origin
      00:00:16.330   > git --version # timeout=11
      00:00:16.333   > git --version # 'git version 2.11.0'
      00:00:16.333   > git config --get remote.origin.url # timeout=11
      00:00:16.337  using GIT_ASKPASS to set credentials MarkEWaite github username/password
      00:00:16.337   > git fetch --tags --progress -- origin +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/* # timeout=11
      00:00:16.932  Seen 170 remote branches
      00:00:31.153  Obtained Jenkinsfile from ccab97146f34497e359bfa594aaefb634f986ae9
      00:00:31.153  Running in Durability level: PERFORMANCE_OPTIMIZED

      GitHub branch source time stamps

      Notice here that the time gap between started and "Running in Durability level" is less than 1 second instead of over 30 seconds.

      00:00:00.000  Started by user Mark Waite
      00:00:00.093 08:48:10  Connecting to https://api.github.com using MarkEWaite/****** (MarkEWaite github username/password)
      00:00:00.650  Obtained Jenkinsfile from d9a27419cf7a554423f5039afdd5b32c95d59c5e
      00:00:00.651  Running in Durability level: PERFORMANCE_OPTIMIZED



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