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Could not find or load main class h6296654658095391056.groovy-3.0.7.lib.groovy.icns


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      When the following mavenJob is executed as jobĀ 

      mavenJob('check-bom-dependencies') {
          description 'Maven Job checking the BOM dependencies of the Spring Boot project'
          preBuildSteps {
                  groovyCommand(readFileFromWorkspace('backupPOM.groovy')) {

      then we got the following error

      [check-bom-dependencies] $ "/var/folders/t2/jwchtqkn5y76hrfrws7dqtqm0000gn/T/j h6296654658095391056/groovy-3.0.7/bin/groovy" "/var/folders/t2/jwchtqkn5y76hrfrws7dqtqm0000gn/T/j h6296654658095391056/workspace/check-bom-dependencies/hudson5004440412061931297.groovy"
      Error: Could not find or load main class h6296654658095391056.groovy-3.0.7.lib.groovy.icns
      Build step 'Execute Groovy script' marked build as failure

      using jenkins 2.271 (where jenkins is launched using jenkinsrule) with the following code to install groovy

      public class MavenCheckBOMJobDSLTest {
          public JenkinsRule j = new JenkinsRule();
          String seedJobName = "maven-seed-job";
          // Install Groovy to the Jenkins Global Configuration Tools as it is needed by the mavenJob
          // As no utility class exists to fetch groovy, then we will deploy it from a local resource zip file
          public void setUpGroovy() throws Exception {
              FilePath home = j.jenkins.getRootPath();
              j.jenkins.getDescriptorByType(GroovyInstallation.DescriptorImpl.class).setInstallations(new GroovyInstallation("groovy-3.0.7", home.child("groovy-3.0.7").getRemote(), null));

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