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Middle-click or Ctrl+click a build in a trend chart to open the build in a new tab


      On the web page of a job, Jenkins shows a trend chart for warnings. If I click a build in the trend chart, then the browser navigates to a web page that lists the warnings from that build. However, I would like to open the build in a new tab of the browser, in order to more easily compare the warnings from multiple builds. I would normally be able to do that by clicking a hyperlink with the middle mouse button (or with the primary button while holding the Ctrl key), but the trend chart uses an onclick event handler (trend-chart.js) instead of hyperlinks, so those actions do not work. I hope they can be made to work.

      It would be even better if other actions that the web browser supports for hyperlinks, likewise worked in the trend chart: Shift+click to open in a new window, and right-click to open a context menu from which the URL can be copied.

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