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"useRepository" feature doesn't work in Multibranch pipelines


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    • git-parameter-plugin
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    • Jenkins 2.249.2
      Git Parameter Plugin 0.9.13
      Git Plugin 4.4.5

      We have a use case where we preload existing tags from a repository to make them available as build parameters (Which tag version do you want to deploy?).

      This works perfectly fine when used in standard single branch Pipelines. However JENKINS-43758 makes using Single Branch Pipelines with Parameters in an automated manner nearly impossible.

      That's why we urgently want to switch to Multibranch Pipelines. However as soon as we use our Jenkinsfile in a Multibranch pipeline we get the error messages shown in the attached picture (No Git repository configured ...).

      Of course the regex itself, the repository and all other obvious factors have been checked multiple times. Thinking of a bug/missing link to Multibranch pipeline configuration in the plugin itself is our last resort.

      Any hints or shared experiences are more than welcome!

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