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Environment variables with a trailing double quotes are not escaped correctly on Windows


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    • docker-workflow-plugin
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    • Jenkins Version: 2.274
      Docker Pipeline Plugin: 1.25
      Linux master
      Windows agent
    • 1.28-r2

      Seeing an no output hang at the first step run by a docker agent when there is an environment variable with a value that ends with a double quote.

      Like when the github PR being built has a double quote at the end of it's title.

      https://github.com/jenkinsci/docker-workflow-plugin/pull/220 did fix the issue for double quotes in other positions.


      In my case, where only github PR titles were an issue, the following is a workaround.

      env.CHANGE_TITLE = env.CHANGE_TITLE.replaceAll('"','\'')

      That prevented the hang that had occurred when the PR title (env.CHANGE_ENV) was

      Checking if "quotes" are correctly ("escaped") "even with trailing ones"

      Note the hang did not occur when PR title (env.CHANGE_ENV) was:

      Checking if "quotes" are correctly ("escaped")


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