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Invalid token credential on server causes UI stack trace when registering webhook


    • 3.0.0

      Steps to reproduce:

      • Create a Bitbucket Server instance in Jenkins, and register with an invalid personal access token (either completely fake, without sufficient permissions, or one that was valid but is later revoked)
      • Create a new Multibranch Pipeline job
      • Configure a Bitbucket SCM Source using the server instance created previously. Make sure the job credentials are read-only (and thus cannot push a webhook)
      • Check the `Bitbucket Server trigger scan after push` trigger
      • Save the job

      Expected Behaviour:
      Jenkins informs you in a gentle and polite way that the admin token does not have webhook write permission, and to please contact your system administrator to resolve the issue.

      Actual Behaviour:
      Angry jenkins and a non-descriptive "401" buried in the stack trace.

      None needed- this is more a usability issue. If encountering this screen, check your token credentials have access to the resource specified in failing job.

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