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Recursive group lookup strategy does not work for nested groups with a mix of distribution/security groups


      The active directory plugin is able to resolve nested groups for:

      • Security groups: For this, you can use Token-Groups group lookup strategy
      • Distribution groups: Both, nested distribution and security groups can be resolved by using the recursive lookup strategy.

      The problem is when we have nested groups with a different nature, something like:

      • Security Group A -> Distribution Group A -> Distribution Group B

      In the above example, the plugin will only discover Security Group A with both Token-Groups and Recursive Lookup Strategy.

      On the other hand in the example below, the plugin will be able to discover: Security Group A, Security Group B and Security Group C with the Token-Group strategy and ALL of them with the recursive strategy (since it considers both security and distribution)

      • Distribution Group A -> Distribution Group B -> Distribution Group C
      • Security Group A -> Security Group B -> Security Group C

      I think we should create a new Group Lookup Strategy called "Recursive Full" which will consider all the groups. The current recursive should be called something like "Recursive light"

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            fbelzunc Félix Belzunce Arcos
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