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Getting two timestamps when executing Shared Library function and Timestamper Enabled for all Pipeline builds



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    • Component/s: timestamper-plugin
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      When running most jobs I see the expected single timestamp in the console, which follows the format specified in Global Timestamper settings.

      However, when a pipeline executes a global function in my shared library, everything printed to console in that function contains two timestamps, like shown below. Lines printed before entering the function have a single timestamp, then around the time of entry, there appear a strange number of timestamps, until we end up in the function and it stabilizes at exactly 2 timestamps per line, then on exiting the function it oscillates again and stabilizes at 1 timestamp per line again..

      14:44:11.340  .
      14:44:11.340  .
      14:44:11.340  .
      14:44:11.344 14:44:11.344  Running in /home/jenkins/.jenkins/workspace/_python-versions-in-pypip-role_2/packer/stonefly-fw
      14:44:11.344 14:44:11.348 14:44:11.348  Calling global function scpArtifacts in shared library...
      14:44:11.385 14:44:11.385  Entered Shared Library Global Function...
      14:44:11.386 14:44:11.386  .
      14:44:11.386 14:44:11.386    .
      14:44:11.386 14:44:11.386    .
      14:44:14.820 14:44:14.820  . 
      14:44:14.821 14:44:15.089  Exiting Shared Library Global Function...
      14:44:15.089  Calling scp...
      14:44:15.093 14:44:15.094 14:44:15.097 14:44:15.102 14:44:15.105 14:44:15.111 14:44:15.111 14:44:15.117 14:44:15.119  Archiving artifacts
      14:44:15.124  Recording fingerprints
      14:44:15.132 14:44:15.133  Notifying Bitbucket of FAILURE build status for commit 2589851638383566f5f4ea13fda7c41b6f90ab54 as jenkins@biamp.com..
      14:44:15.134 14:44:15.136  Notifying Bitbucket at "https://bitbucket.biamp.com:8443"
      14:44:15.169  Notified Bitbucket for commit with id 2589851638383566f5f4ea13fda7c41b6f90ab54
      14:44:15.171 14:44:15.174 14:44:15.178 14:44:15.181 14:44:15.184 14:44:15.188 14:44:15.191 14:44:15.195 14:44:15.199 14:43:30.870  Terminated
      14:44:15.263  [Checks API] No suitable checks publisher found.
      14:44:15.271  ERROR: aborting early, still testing stage
      14:44:15.271  Finished: FAILURE

      As mentioned in the Environment section, I am using the SimpleTheme plugin, with the following Extra CSS in order to prevent pipeline console verbosity, a la https://issues.jenkins.io/browse/JENKINS-41845:

      .pipeline-annotated {
           display: none; 
      .pipeline-new-node {
            display: none; 


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            timblaktu Tim Black added a comment -

            I see now that this is a duplicate of https://issues.jenkins.io/browse/JENKINS-57080, which was hard to find given my symptoms..

            timblaktu Tim Black added a comment - I see now that this is a duplicate of https://issues.jenkins.io/browse/JENKINS-57080 , which was hard to find given my symptoms..


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