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Error for Retrieving results for CxProjectResult in MavenJobs at Jenkins startup





      I'm new in the community but I had no luck in web surfing to find a solution for my problem.

      Thanks in advance for any answer, I don't know if there is always a similar issue.


      We have this strange behaviour on our Jenkins.

      Jenkins do a reboot every morning at about 7:30 A.M., honestly I don't know why, anyway for every MavenJob we have this error in the tomcat log:
      SEVERE: Could not load actions from com.checkmarx.jenkins.CxProjectResult$Factory@145d1fe9 for hudson.maven.MavenModuleSet@71fc760f[1_0_0_TEST/Test/TestJAVA/build/ReleaseSnapshot]
      at com.checkmarx.jenkins.MavenProjectResult.getMavenProjectResult(MavenProjectResult.java:23)
      at com.checkmarx.jenkins.CxProjectResult$Factory.createFor(CxProjectResult.java:293)
      at hudson.model.AbstractProject.createTransientActions(AbstractProject.java:740)
      at hudson.maven.AbstractMavenProject.createTransientActions(AbstractMavenProject.java:221)
      at hudson.maven.MavenModuleSet.createTransientActions(MavenModuleSet.java:476)
      This and other MavenJobs don't have any references about Checkmarx in the dsl file that the seed_job use for the creation, but when Jenkins do the restart, it seems to search some info about Checkmarx. A MavenJob that surely has the Checkmarx references doesn't have this behaviour, but all the other jobs receive this type of error.
      The Pipeline Jobs, instead, don't seem to have this error too.
      I thought that maybe this is relate to the Checkmarx plugin since in the description on Checkmarx site they say that the job fully supported are: FreestyleJob and PipelineJob.
      But it is a strange problem. Is there any settings in MavenJob or Jenkins or Checkmarx/Maven Plugin that can prevents this error?
      Jenkins version: 2.263.4
      Checkmarx Plugin version: 2021.1.2
      Let me know if you need other informations to support the analysis.
      Thanks in advance,
      Lorenzo B.



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