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Pyenv plugin centers all elements on job configuration page since Jenkins 2.283


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      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Install a new jenkins installation (2.283 or newer)
      2. Use default recommended plugins
      3. Create empty freestyle job
      4. Install pyenv plugin (0.0.7)
      5. View the configuration of the job created earlier

      Nearly all visual elements are now center aligned, including the content of any shell scripts, which makes for a "less than ideal" user experience.

      To verify that this is actually caused (or triggered) by the pyenv plugin and not one of its dependencies:

      1. uninstall pyenv
      2. restart jenkins
      3. view configuration of job

      Alignment has now been restored

      This problem does not occur when using Jenkins 2.82 or older. Unfortunately I have very little knowledge about web development so I'm unable to provide a detailed analysis as to why this is actually happening. I did notice that this plugin is written in Ruby (which makes it even harder for me to analyze this).

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