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Pipeline Maven Integration fails to publish spotbugs reports


      Using plugin version 3.10, I'm utilizing withMaven in a pipeline as follows:

      stage('Build') {
          withMaven {
              def args
              if (config.mavenArgs) {
                  // use config.mavenArgs, if supplied
                  args = config.mavenArgs
              } else {
                  // default args
                  args = 'clean install'
              sh "./mvnw ${args}"
          // withMaven will utilize maven wrapper and discover the generated Maven artifacts, JUnit Surefire & FailSafe reports and FindBugs reports

      I have version 9.0.1 of Warnings Next Generation Plugin installed.

      Unfortunately, during the build, I get these messages in console output:

      [withMaven] Jenkins FindBugs Plugin not found, don't display com.github.spotbugs:spotbugs-maven-plugin:spotbugs results in pipeline screen.

      There are plenty of spotbugs XML files in the project, e.g.:

      $ find . -name '*spot*' | grep common

      Jenkins version is 2.289. Any help or advice is appreciated.

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