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Upgrading swarm-plugin to 3.24 break master host discovery in docker environment


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      Before upgrading swarm-plugin to 3.24, we are able to bring up swarm-nodes by specifying the jenkins master docker's service name in -master. An example docker-compose template is follows and it works for 3.23 and earlier versions.

              image: jenkins_image
              image: image that contains swarm-client.jar

              command: java -jar swarm-client.jar -master http://jenkins_master:8080 -executors 1
      When starting up the docker-compose.
      3.23 successfully connected to the master jenkins:
      INFO: Client invoked with: -executors 1 -master http://jenkins_master:8080 -password ***** -username *****
      Apr 21, 2021 5:10:50 PM hudson.plugins.swarm.Client run
      INFO: Connecting to Jenkins master
      Apr 21, 2021 5:10:50 PM hudson.plugins.swarm.Client run
      INFO: Attempting to connect to http://jenkins_master:8080/
      Apr 21, 2021 5:10:50 PM hudson.remoting.jnlp.Main createEngine
      INFO: Setting up agent: ***
      Apr 21, 2021 5:10:50 PM hudson.remoting.jnlp.Main$CuiListener <init>
      INFO: Jenkins agent is running in headless mode.
      Apr 21, 2021 5:10:50 PM hudson.remoting.Engine startEngine
      INFO: Using Remoting version: 4.5
      But 3.24 complained target host is not specified:
      Client invoked with: -executors 1 -master http://jenkins_master:8080

      hudson.plugins.swarm.Client runINFO: Connecting to Jenkins masterApr 21, 2021 5:18:25 PM hudson.plugins.swarm.Client runINFO: Attempting to connect to http://jenkins_master:8080/Apr 21, 2021 5:18:25 PM hudson.plugins.swarm.Client run
      SEVERE: An error occurredshaded.org.apache.hc.client5.http.ClientProtocolException: Target host is not specified at shaded.org.apache.hc.client5.http.impl.classic.InternalHttpClient.doExecute(InternalHttpClient.java:181) at shaded.org.apache.hc.client5.http.impl.classic.CloseableHttpClient.execute(CloseableHttpClient.java:75) at hudson.plugins.swarm.SwarmClient.getJenkinsVersion(SwarmClient.java:590) at hudson.plugins.swarm.SwarmClient.createSwarmAgent(SwarmClient.java:379) at hudson.plugins.swarm.Client.run(Client.java:170) at hudson.plugins.swarm.Client.main(Client.java:53)Caused by: shaded.org.apache.hc.core5.http.ProtocolException: Target host is not specified at shaded.org.apache.hc.client5.http.impl.routing.DefaultRoutePlanner.determineRoute(DefaultRoutePlanner.java:65) at shaded.org.apache.hc.client5.http.impl.classic.InternalHttpClient.determineRoute(InternalHttpClient.java:125) at shaded.org.apache.hc.client5.http.impl.classic.InternalHttpClient.doExecute(InternalHttpClient.java:169) ... 5 more
      Apr 21, 2021 5:18:25 PM hudson.plugins.swarm.Client run

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