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No automated build is started in Jenkins after Perforce trigger


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    • p4-plugin
    • Jenkins (2.263.1 to 2.277.3)
      p4 1.11.1

      Maybe i just describe our flow:

      • VisualStudio on developper machine to make code changes
      • Perforce client on dev. machine to submit the change
      • Goes to perforce server
      • From there to Jenkins build server
      • Starts the build after¬† perforce trigger

      This last step doesn't occur (probably) since last Friday (23rd of April).

      I went on PTO on Wednesday until Monday (26th of April) and from there on i realized some issues. Therefore i started our bat-file by hand which starts Jenkins. But this window cause a perforce lock and i closed it. Afterwards i updated some plugins and Jenkins itself - from 2.263.1 to 2.277.3). Checked with our IT but there was no policy change or something in the firewalls which could cause this behavior. I am sure it isn't much of an error, may just a config value that i missed or forgot? Maybe you can point me to the right direction.


      Best Regard,

      Thorben Seibert

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