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Silently ignore empty files when parsing for warnings


      If I have no warnings/infos/errors in my doxygen log the analysis result in an error. This should not happen as this is the target state.

      Here the console log ouput of the plugin

      19:16:48 [Doxygen] [-ERROR-] Skipping file 'Dokumente\doxy.log' because it's empty
      19:16:48 [Doxygen] Searching for all files in 'D:\JenkinsWorkspace\DEV_JOB' that match the pattern 'Dokumente/doxy.log'
      19:16:48 [Doxygen] -> found 1 file
      19:16:48 [Doxygen] Skipping post processing
      19:16:48 [Doxygen] No filter has been set, publishing all 0 issues
      19:16:48 [Doxygen] Repository miner is not configured, skipping repository mining
      19:16:48 [Doxygen] Reference build recorder is not configured
      19:16:48 [Doxygen] Obtaining reference build from same job (DEV_Job)
      19:16:48 [Doxygen] No valid reference build found that meets the criteria (NO_JOB_FAILURE - SUCCESSFUL_QUALITY_GATE)
      19:16:48 [Doxygen] All reported issues will be considered outstanding
      19:16:48 [Doxygen] Evaluating quality gates
      19:16:48 [Doxygen] -> PASSED - Total (severity low only): 0 - Quality QualityGate: 1
      19:16:48 [Doxygen] -> PASSED - Total (severity normal only): 0 - Quality QualityGate: 1
      19:16:48 [Doxygen] -> PASSED - Total (severity high only): 0 - Quality QualityGate: 1
      19:16:48 [Doxygen] -> PASSED - Total (errors only): 0 - Quality QualityGate: 1
      19:16:48 [Doxygen] -> All quality gates have been passed
      19:16:48 [Doxygen] Health report is disabled - skipping
      19:16:48 [Doxygen] Created analysis result for 0 issues (found 0 new issues, fixed 0 issues)
      19:16:48 [Doxygen] Failing build because analysis result contains errors
      19:16:48 [Doxygen] Attaching ResultAction with ID 'doxygen' to build 'DEV_JOB #8'.
      19:16:48 [Checks API] No suitable checks publisher found.
      19:16:48 Build step 'Record compiler warnings and static analysis results' changed build result to FAILURE

      The doxy.log file is empty an there fore a size of 0 bytes.

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