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ira issue: getting error while assigning issue to a assginee


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    • Jenkins Version 2.277.1

      Hello everyone,

          I am implementing Jira plugin into jenkins. Based on below link and guideline i am able to  create a bug from jenkins in Jira (https://jenkinsci.github.io/jira-steps-plugin/steps/issue/jira_assign_issue/), but i am facing issues while assigning to a person that bug in jira. here it is i am using the following command to assign to a person

      jiraAssignIssue site:'cloudops-jira-integration' , idOrKey: "${response.data.key.toString()}" , userName: 'Jayesh Mahajan'


      ERROR: {"errorMessages":["'accountId' must be the only user identifying query parameter in GDPR strict mode."],"errors":{}}

      Jira Plugin Version : 3.2.1

      Jira pipeline steps: 1.6.0

            nrayapati Naresh Rayapati
            jayesh007 Jayesh Mahajan
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