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disable Include @Library changes in job recent changes is not respected


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    • Jenkins 2.277.4
      Pipeline: Shared Groovy Libraries 2.19
      Pipeline: Multibranch: 2.23

      Even when I disable (un marking) the "Include @Library changes in job recent changes" option from the global configuration under Global Pipeline Libraries:


      From some reason I still see commit changes from my shared libraries in a different multi branch job that uses  declarative pipeline.

      sample from the multi branch job declarative pipeline:

      pipeline {
          libraries {

      How to reproduce:

      1. Disable the "Include @Library changes in job recent changes" under global conf
      2. create standard pipeline job and use declarative pipeline
      3. import some shared libraries like the sample above
      4. perform change in your shared libraries and push your changes by creating a new commit
      5. run your pipeline job
      6. checkout the job changes and verify that you see commits from the shared libraries which shouldn't be here


      I can see that this has been discussed here: 


      and here


      But those tickets are more talking about jobs that are triggered automatically due to changes in shared libraries. While this ticket is more about changes that should  not be presented on the job history under the commit list

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