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After cleaning approved script list, job throwing error UnapprovedUsageException but no pending sript approvals


      I was asked for first time I executed Jenkins scripted pipeline for in script approval which was done and pipelines were running fine.

      The script approvals were later removed and now the pipelines are throwing error 

      UnapprovedUsageException but when I go to Manage Jenkins --> In Script approavl process --> No Pending approvals to be approved

      Now I cannot approve anything for this nor the error stops popping in pipeline. Please suggest as to how can I get the approvals pending so it can be reapprove by admin for solving this error.

      Just to let you know in my pipeline, I am reading a file and iterating through the json items to perform build and deploy for each of the item


      Jenkins version 2.267

      Script security plugin version 1.76

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