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Bitbucket payload not available in $BITBUCKET_PAYLOAD for multi-branch pipeline jobs



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    • Jenkins: 2.277.4
      bitbucket-plugin: 1.1.28

      Job type: multi-branch pipeline


      Firstly, thank you for your timely help with JENKINS-65651.

      Now our Bitbucket multi-branch pipeline job is being triggered however the BITBUCKET_PAYLOAD environment variable is not set; this is the main reason I am considering using this plugin over the generic Git one.

      Looking into the code I see we have two trigger types BitBucketTrigger and BitBucketMultibranchTrigger. Specifically, the BitBucketTrigger has a onPost method that the BitBucketMultibranchTrigger does not have; this onPost method seems to do the work of injecting the payload from Bitbucket into the BITBUCKET_PAYLOAD env var.

      Some questions/ideas:

      • Does there need to be two types of triggers for single vs. multi-branch pipelines?
      • If each needs its own trigger then could most of the BITBUCKET_PAYLOAD insertion logic be re-used perhaps via an abstract base class?



          tzach_solomon Tzach Solomon added a comment -

          ftclausen I think I've fixed this with version https://github.com/jenkinsci/bitbucket-plugin/releases/tag/223.vd12f2bca5430 ... can you please verify?

          tzach_solomon Tzach Solomon added a comment - ftclausen  I think I've fixed this with version https://github.com/jenkinsci/bitbucket-plugin/releases/tag/223.vd12f2bca5430  ... can you please verify?


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