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Openshift sync doesn't update changed secrets


      If I create an openshift secret that is synced to Jenkins, I can see the value fine.

      IF I then update the secret in Openshift (oc apply -f new.yaml) I see an error in the logs :

      2021-05-25 16:50:15 INFO io.fabric8.jenkins.openshiftsync.SecretWatcher modifyCredential Modifying Secret with Uid 207796ad-4cbd-4e92-b0b4-3304a19cc135 with Name changeme 
      2021-05-25 16:50:15 INFO io.fabric8.jenkins.openshiftsync.SecretWatcher validSecret Validating Secret with Uid 207796ad-4cbd-4e92-b0b4-3304a19cc135 with Name changeme 
      2021-05-2516:50:15 WARNING io.fabric8.jenkins.openshiftsync.CredentialsUtils upsertCredential Setting secret failed for secret with new Id changeme from Secret null with revision: 681558638 
      {{ 2021-05-25 16:50:15 WARNING io.fabric8.jenkins.openshiftsync.CredentialsUtils upsertCredential Check if Id changeme is not already used.}}


      (changeme is not used and was only created a moment ago for this test)
      The new version of secret does have that UID and revision (from oc get secret :

        resourceVersion: "681558638"

        uid: 207796ad-4cbd-4e92-b0b4-3304a19cc135 )

      I think the problem is caused because it thinks the UID is "null" when it tries to get the new secret value from openshift.

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