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Cloning multibranch pipeline job scans before changes can be made


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    • jenkins 2.277.3
      workflow-multibranch 2.22

      When a multibranch pipeline job is cloned it gets scanned immediately - even before the job configuration is saved. As a result builds may be kicked off that would of otherwise been ignored after the user had a chance to modify the git branch configuration such as changing the branch include filter.

      Expected Behavior
      New job is not scanned until after the configuration is applied/saved.

      Actual Behavior
      A scan is started and new builds are launched before the user has a chance to modify the job configuration.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a multibranch pipeline job with some branches. Run a scan and let builds complete.
      2. Clone the job that was created above. Do not click save.
      3. In another tab look at the build queue and agent build executor status. Observe builds are being immediately launched.

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