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Unable to apply changes to freestyle jobs if Hudson locks and latches is installed


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      We are currently unable to save or apply modifications to any of our freestyle jobs.  We have the ability to create them, but once they are created, the 'Save' and 'Apply' buttons no longer work.  Period.

      This behavior does not happen for jobs of other types, like pipeline jobs.

      When the issue occurs, there is no feedback given in the Jenkins window which would provide any details about what's actually occurring.  It's almost like the actions associated w/the buttons are simply not receiving any messages from them and so nothing is done.  The page does not even transition to the parent job view after clicking the 'Save' button.  It just sits there.

      Reproducing the Problem

      To reproduce the issue, we execute this workflow for any of our freestyle jobs:

      [From the dashboard]

      • Select the link for the desired freestyle job
      • Choose 'Configure'
      • Click the 'Save' or 'Apply' buttons (nothing happens)
      • Modify any attribute in the job's configuration and select 'Save' or 'Apply' (nothing happens)
      • Result:  The page just sits there.

      Additional Information

      We are not exactly sure which upgrade may have introduced this issue?  We know we initially noticed it in late May 2021 when it was reported by the team which own the freestyle jobs.  The current Jenkins release is 2.289.1.

      We have tried rolling back the Jenkins version back two prior releases and the issue is still there.  Having seen that, we upgraded to the latest version since nothing we did made any difference.

      We have uninstalled or disabled any plugins we no longer needed.  The issue persists.

      The issue occurs regardless of browser type (Chrome, Edge, IE, FireFox, Safari).

      Final Question

      Could this be caused by the fact this server's OS is RHEL 6?  Just a shot in the dark, but the OS is very old and we are not able to reproduce this issue in our RHEL 7 and RHEL 8 Jenkins environments using the same Jenkins version.

      Thanks for your help!

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