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Extended Choice Parameter Multi Level Single Select List Is Not Populating During Build With Parameters.


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    • Jenkins ver. 1.554.2
      Extended choice parameter plugin ver. 0.33
      Windows 7
      Chrome ver. 37.0.2062.124

      The multi-level single select list does not populate anywhere. It was working before. I tried safe restart, still no luck. No update has been performed yet. Attaching png file where First is not working whereas I need it to be working as the second png file. The FileName ExtendedChoiceParameterConfiguration is the same for both Jenkins servers.

        1. ExtendedChoiceParameterConfiguration.PNG
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          Vivek Singh
        2. ExtendedChoiceParameterError.PNG
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          Vivek Singh
        3. Not-Working.PNG
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          Vivek Singh
        4. Working.PNG
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          Vivek Singh

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