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SSH agent not starting because of wrong cd command


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    • Jenkins 2.289.3
      SSH Agent Plugin 1.23

      When Jenkins tries to open connection to the SSH agent it uses the command "cd "D:\Jenkins" && java -jar remoting.jar -workDir D:\Jenkins -jar-cache D:\Jenkins/remoting/jarCache"

      If the working folder is not in C drive, the cd command will not work, as it needs to be:


      cd "D:\Jenkins"


      instead of just cd "D:\Jenkins"


      [08/09/21 10:22:24] [SSH] Checking java version of java
      [08/09/21 10:22:24] [SSH] java -version returned 1.8.0_301.
      [08/09/21 10:22:24] [SSH] Starting sftp client.
      [08/09/21 10:22:24] [SSH] Copying latest remoting.jar...
      Source agent hash is *************. Installed agent hash is *************
      Verified agent jar. No update is necessary.
      Expanded the channel window size to 4MB
      [08/09/21 10:22:24] [SSH] Starting agent process: cd "D:\Jenkins" && java -jar remoting.jar -workDir D:\Jenkins -jar-cache D:\Jenkins/remoting/jarCache
      Error: Unable to access jarfile remoting.jar
      Agent JVM has terminated. Exit code=1
      [08/09/21 10:22:24] Launch failed - cleaning up connection
      [08/09/21 10:22:24] [SSH] Connection closed.

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