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Gerrit Trigger doesn't work if the job is currently running


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    • gerrit-trigger-plugin
    • Jenkins Version: CloudBees CI Managed Master
      Gerrit Trigger Version: 2.34.0

      Gerrit trigger works fine for triggering a jenkins job from gerrit using any of the preconfigured triggers - such as new patchset or comment regex.

      However, while that job is running - I can not trigger the same job again from the same gerrit.

      I can trigger the same job from other gerrits, or trigger other jobs from that gerrit, but not the same job and the same gerrit.

      It's not even queued. The trigger is just completely ignored, it doesn't even start when the running job is finished.

      Things I've checked are that "Do not allow concurrent builds" is not checked (it indeed isn't) and that the label has enough executors available (it does).

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