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Creating new item job cursor annoyingly jumps to top entry box if "Copy from" is completed while "Item name" is empty



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      With Jenkins 2.289.2 creating a new job from another job is annoying (using Firefox).

      If I start typing in the "Copy From" box, it quickly jumps to the top "new name" box messing up my type. Then I have to delete the mistake and go back to the box I want to type in. This can happen more than once sometimes and then finally I get the focus to type in the box. I don't get why this would happen. I should not have to type the new name first.

      Typically, I want to find a job using the type ahead feature in the from box to see existing jobs. Then I cut and paste the name to new name where I will then change the name (such as ProjABuild5 to ProjBBuild5). And then I have to de-select the "Add to view" but that would be a separate issue I guess (why is that always defaulted on?).

      While this is minor, it sure is annoying.


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