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throttle current build not working when 2 or more build starts at same time with same parameter


      Dear Team,

      We have implemented a throttle concurrent build plugin in our prod Jenkins environment and are facing issues due to that. We are using the project category with prevent parameter option.

      In this, when 3build are coming at the same time with the same parameter it's not able to throttle the build. all builds are started same time and creating issues.


      Observation is when the first job is yet to clone on master other jobs are started running. If the first job is a clone on master then other jobs are get queued.

      For e.g: I have 3 jobs that started on the same time 12:00 with parameter name defaulttenantname and the value is dep011test-one-dev-ee. then while 1st job is getting clone the rest of the other jobs are started working.

      Here, If 1st job is cloned then the rest of the other jobs are getting queued.


      One more bug is if 1 job is in the queue and we trigger another job with the same parameter then that job does not get queued and even it does not show in Jenkins and never gets triggered.

      Please help me to solve this issue. As we are blocked due to this.



      Jayesh Mahajan


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