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First time build wrongly reported when using OAuth credentials with Bitbucket multibranch


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    • Latest Docker Jenkins version 2.312
      cloudbees-bitbucket-branch-source 2.9.11
      git 4.8.2
      git-client 3.9.0

      The native checkout step does not retrieve changes from the previous build anymore when when using the OAuth credentials for Bitbucket branch source plugin as specified here : https://github.com/jenkinsci/bitbucket-branch-source-plugin/blob/master/docs/USER_GUIDE.adoc#oauth-credentials.

      It instead wrongly prints "First time build. Skipping changelog".

      The major issue with this is all plugins relating on these changes values (skip build based on author, etc.).

      When switching back to a classic Bitbucket user it reads correctly creates the changelog.


      When using OAuth credentials (which is a UsernamePassword credentials in Jenkins), the Git url returned by the Bitbucket branch source plugin is like :


       It does not need to setup GIT_ASKPASS because the credentials are embedded into the repo url, maybe this is related ?

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