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Use the forensics API to create the changeset


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      I'm not sure how the changeset is created by the git plugin. I see in https://plugins.jenkins.io/git/#changelog-extensions that I can ask it to compare against a specific branch. But this raises the question of what happens when I have

      * master
      | * my_branch
      * old_master

      and I compare my_branch with master. I don't know the answer.

      It seems to me the git plugin could benefit from using the "Reference build" from the https://plugins.jenkins.io/forensics-api/.


      Additionally, when creating a multibranch pipeline with a GitHub branch source I can't really see the "Calculate changelog against a specific branch" option anywhere, I don't think it's available.


      The current behaviour makes, for example, the first commit of a new branch lack any changeset at all.


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