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MF Application Automation Tools is unable to execute UFT test


      I created a Jenkins project and have already set username, domain, project and test set. Path of test set is given in this form: Root\UFT Jenkins\UFT Jenkins.

      I have got following error message during execution:

      Started by user admin
      Running as SYSTEM
      Building in workspace C:\ProgramData\Jenkins\.jenkins\workspace\ALMTESZT
      [ALMTESZT] $ C:\ProgramData\Jenkins\.jenkins\workspace\ALMTESZT\HpToolsLauncher.exe -paramfile props04112021104712486.txt
      Timeout is set to: 10
      Run mode is set to: RUN_LOCAL
      Failed to Connect Project
      Error: Cannot connect to QC: Project / Domain does not exist.
      ALM Test set runner not connected
      Build step 'Execute Micro Focus functional tests from Micro Focus ALM' changed build result to FAILURE
      Finished: FAILURE

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