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'./MERGE_LIST' file is no longer considered interesting


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    • gerrit-trigger-plugin
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    • Jenkins Version: 2.303.2
      Gerrit Version: 3.4.1
      Gerrit Trigger Version : 2.35.2

      After upgrading to gerrit-trigger-plugin version 2.35.2, the specific builds that used to only trigger on merge commits no longer do. This is because, previously, the './MERGE_LIST' file was added to the list of interesting file which would trigger a particular build to run on a gerrit merge commit. However, since 2.35.2 it looks like this file is explicitly excluded from the list of interesting files.

      There is a workaround where a commit message's text can be used to determine if a commit is a merge commit, but it's doesn't support all the functionality that using './MERGE_LIST' did (for example, rerunning particular merge commit checks on a particular gerrit change using a keyword in the comments).

      It would be great if this file could be added back to the list of files to be considered when triggering builds, unless there is a better alternative.


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