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Analysis of Checkstyle Warnings per User


      Checkstyle warnings generally arise because a developer is running an auto format that is not in sync with a project's standard, or they are choosing not to format.

      The current checkstyle analysis tend to display where warnings are, but not where they come from. What I would like is to see is a 'Warnings By User' analysis (user is the commit user).

      Then you can easily see who's IDE is out of whack, or who's being slack - even if that's happens to be me


      Warnings by User

      • mjackson: 23 warnings
      • jsmith: 1,634 warnings
      • jdoe: 432 warning

        New Warnings by User (build #30)

      • jsmith: 84 warnings
      • jdoe: 4 warnings

      Cheers for listening.

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