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Enhance documentation for Microsoft OpenSSH agent commands




      I read the Configuration Guide for the SSH Build Agent plugin.

      I am troubleshooting a problem with my Windows agent occasionally dropping it's SSH connection in the middle of a build.

      We have Microsoft's OpenSSH server running on the remote W10 machine.

      I am having trouble with the section Launch Windows agents using Microsoft OpenSSH.

      First, we are not doing this at all, and we are successfully starting the agent. I'm guessing this is because we have windows git (along with its embedded bash shell) installed on the Windows 10 remote.

      Or maybe it's because Java is in my remote machines PATH so invoking java directly just works from the CMD prompt.

      However, I'm interested in learning more about the documented powershell command (included here for reference)

      Looking at the command line I see the end of the prefix rem ' and then the suffix ' would turn the command built into the plugin into a comment, and we only execute the items earlier in the prefix string.

      My question is: what is the \J\S portion of the prefix string?

      powershell -Command "cd C:\J\S ; C:\J\S\jdk\bin\java.exe -jar remoting.jar" ; exit 0 ; rem '
                                ^^^^     ^^^^

      I'm speculating that this is some sort of Jenkins path, but that feels odd to me because we don't have java.exe anywhere in our remote machines path.

      I'm not sure if this is some special powershell magic for paths, but given that we are starting the remoting.jar as an unqualified path I think this is really just the path to the remote's root directory.

      Can you please enhance the documenation to make this more clear?

      Thank you.


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