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pipeline-maven-plugin incompatible with recent CloudBees CI products


      I tried to install a snapshot of our plugin on the most recent version of CloudBees CI (I tried with traditional and modern platforms).




      It fails because some required dependencies are too old (+ a problem with new versions schemes?) :


      2022-02-06 15:56:05.875+0000 [id=450]	SEVERE	h.model.UpdateCenter$DownloadJob#run: Failed to install pipeline-maven
      java.io.IOException: Failed to load: Pipeline Maven Integration Plugin (3.11.0-SNAPSHOT (private-87329c3d-arnaud))
       - Update required: Pipeline: API (2.47) to be updated to 1136.v7f5f1759dc16 or higher
       - Update required: Folders Plugin (6.16) to be updated to 6.17 or higher
       - Update required: Pipeline: Job (2.42) to be updated to 1145.v7f2433caa07f or higher
       - Update required: Pipeline: Step API (2.24) to be updated to 622.vb_8e7c15b_c95a_ or higher
       - Update required: Script Security Plugin (1.78) to be updated to 1131.v8b_b_5eda_c328e or higher

      Our plugin is using the BOM


      It's not the latest (not sure why dependabot didn't propose an update)

      I am a bit lost olamy, jglick, alecharp, batmat

      I don't know if we do something wrong in this plugin, or if something changed and we missed an update.

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