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Loading shared library resources fails since release 561.va_ce0de3c2d69


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    • Jenkins 2.319.3
      workflow-cps-global-lib 561.va_ce0de3c2d69
    • 564.ve62a_4eb_b_e039


      We upgraded the `workflow-cps-global-lib` plugin from version `552.vd9cc05b8a2e1` to  `561.va_ce0de3c2d69` this morning. Afterwards all build job executions using the global library `maven-pipeline` are failing with the following message:

      ERROR: mavenPipelineConfig.yml references a file that is not contained within the library: maven-pipeline

      The pipeline is of course containing this file, following the structure as described in the offical docs: https://www.jenkins.io/doc/book/pipeline/shared-libraries/#directory-structure

      +- vars
      |   +- mavenPipeline.groovy
      +- resources
      |   +- mavenPipelineConfig.yml

      and is using it as described in the official docs https://www.jenkins.io/doc/book/pipeline/shared-libraries/#loading-resources


      This was working before and downgrading to previous version `552.vd9cc05b8a2e1` solves the issue.

      Can you please have a look how to solve this issue in the latest version? Thank you very much!

      The error message itself is btw. contained in this change: https://github.com/jenkinsci/workflow-cps-global-lib-plugin/commit/ace0de3c2d691662021ea10306eeb407da6b6365#diff-cf50e9f7355b5eb3912c142f57de55c1b540f2a92491c1904828f2a3322087f5R260

      Edit: not sure, if this is related, but after downgrading the plugin and restarting Jenkins, I found that unreadable data for some of the failed builds:

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