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Jenkins build triggers but nothing changed in Included Regions


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    • bitbucket-plugin
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    • Jenkins 2.319.1
      git version 2.30.2
      bitbucket plugin 1.11.1

      Jenkins triggers builds of jobs even though the merge into Bitbucket does not include any files that are in the Included Regions values for the Jenkins jobs.   This happens often.  It might be a coincidence but the most recent time when this happened the jobs that triggered incorrectly were the jobs that had most recently triggered.  So

      Saturday 19 Feb - Merge commit X into master
      Jenkins triggers jobs A,B,C,D - correct
      Tuesday 22 Feb - Merge commit Y into master
      Jenkins triggers jobs A,B,C,D but these jobs should not have triggered because commit Y does not change any files in the Included Regions values of jobs A,B,C,D.

      Checked the Bitbucket webhook Request and it looks correct.  It does include

      "fromHash": "X", "toHash": "Y"

      Is Jenkins maybe triggering the jobs again based upon the "fromHash"?



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