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Jenkins multibranch pipeline's "Fetching origin" obtains outdated Jenkinsfile


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      We are observing a issue never encountered before when setting up a new multibranch pipeline and pointing it to git repository and Jenkinsfile within that.

      Everything looks fine at first, the master branch is found and listed and the project successfully builds. But at a closer look, the Jenkinsfile gets retrieved from a very outdated revision, almost 2 years old.

      16:38:24  Setting origin to https://example.com/bitbucket/scm/myproj/myrepo.git
      16:38:24  Fetching origin...
      16:38:33  Obtained tools/jenkins/Jenkinsfile from f10313a3d583e2a3e640e51cee42b259f456d919

      The revision 'f10313a3d583e2a3e640e51cee42b259f456d919' that gets logged here in fact exists. But why did Jenkins return this old revision and not the latest one? And what exactly is Jenkins doing when "Fetching origin"?

      Our version of Jenkins isĀ 2.249.1 and we use Git plugin version 4.4.4


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