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SCM Poll always detects changes - Last build did not detect the right revision


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    • Jenkins 2.319.2

      Relevant Plugins:

      Git: 4.10.2
      Bitbucket Branch Source: 751.vda_24678a_f781

      After we changed the authentication method of our Bitbucket Branch Source Plugin to OAuth2, we discovered that all Build Jobs does not detect the right Revision from the last Build.

      This results in an endless loop auf build triggers within the SCM Plugin. I'm not sure, if this is here the right place but I got some Log messages, where we can see, that the last build does not receive the revision from the last build (which is currently running or failed).

      Only if there is a "successfull" build, the scm poll does not logger triggering new builds.

      Here some Logs from: hudson.plugins.git.util.BuildData Level FINEST:


      Mar 03, 2022 8:15:12 AM FINEST hudson.plugins.git.util.BuildDatalastBuildRevisionSha1: b5fd154340c91c6a1fddb1660c53fa175736907e does not match sha1:70a7f323f0b867a1075487904ea7482e4e95c566, checking lastBuild.marked
      Mar 03, 2022 8:15:12 AM FINEST hudson.plugins.git.util.BuildDatalastBuildMarkedSha1: b5fd154340c91c6a1fddb1660c53fa175736907e does not match sha1:70a7f323f0b867a1075487904ea7482e4e95c566
      Mar 03, 2022 8:15:12 AM FINEST hudson.plugins.git.util.BuildDataNo match found in getLastBuild for sha1:70a7f323f0b867a1075487904ea7482e4e95c566, returning null

      This is the Output of build #106.

      See here the Build History:

      In the gaps I disabled the SCM Poll.

      All the builds have the following SCM Information:

      All the prevois builds are also building the Revision 70a7f32. So the excpected behavior would be, that the git SCM also detects the running and failed built revision (70a.. instead of b5fd - see log) to avoid this infinite loop of build triggers.

      Could you help us? Currently we disabled the whole SCM Poll feature


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