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Missing input validation for signature approvals causing IOException


      If you approve a signature with  scriptApproval.approveSignature that does not have a correct prefix, the invalid signature will make it to the scriptApprovals.xml and cause future approvals to throw IOException.

      Not 100% sure but I think that there might be other ways malformed signatures can poison the configuration..

      The work-around I have implemented is to remove all approvals not having the correct prefix

      Set cleanSignatures(List<String> signatures, String source) {
        def ValidPrefixes = 'field |staticField |method |staticMethod |new ' 
        Set uniqueResults = []
        signatures.each { signature ->
          if (signature.matches("^(${ValidPrefixes}).*\$"))

      {       uniqueResults.add(signature)     }

      else {
            println "WARN: signature ${signature} from ${source} did not contain a valid prefix        ${ValidPrefixes} signature skipped"
      return (uniqueResults)


      When all signatures are "clean" I can load them with the 

      scriptApproval.setApprovedSignatures(allSignatures as String[])


      The approveSignature method should probably have some sanity check, ensuring prefixes 'field |staticField |method |staticMethod |new ' and throw some InvalidSignatureException if not valid instead of accepting it and create problems for further operations.


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