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Warnings Next Generation Flaw Finder error


      I have flaw finder and WNG active in my jenkins build. If I run 

      flawfinder --html --context src/ > flaw_finder_results.html

      I get an output file stating one issue is found. HTML attached. 

       Using WNG in the post section of the Jenkinsfile

      recordIssues tools: [flawfinder(pattern: "${FOLDERS_TO_SCAN}/flaw_finder_results.html")]


      In my Jenkins pipeline I can see that this file is found and successfully parsed. No errors are found. 

      [FlawFinder] Searching for all files in '/var/lib/jenkins/workspace/C_Application_test_jenkins_email' that match the pattern 'main_layers/meta-mainapplication/recipes-core/MAIN_Application/files/MAIN_Application/flaw_finder_results.html'
      [FlawFinder] -> found 1 file
      [FlawFinder] Successfully parsed file /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/C_Application_test_jenkins_email/main_layers/meta-mainapplication/recipes-core/MAIN_Application/files/MAIN_Application/flaw_finder_results.html
      [FlawFinder] -> found 0 issues (skipped 0 duplicates)

      Is this an issue with my setup or an issue in WNG?

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