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set build duration time via rest api


      We no longer build jobs in jenkins, but it is excellent as a report portal.

      So we now send finished jobs via rest api /build endpoint to an waiting jenkins-job. and enclose all the results/logs in a zip file.

      This works fine except for the build time which is set to the time it takes to execute the rest api. reports uses a plugin so they look as they should.

      Is it possible to get a way to manipulate the build duration time:



      {{20220411085808.176|INFO|/builds/id-pro/trk/trk-fullstack-test/bin/jenkins.py:146|job trk-fullstack-test-qa04 url:https://xxxxxx.xxxxxxxxx.buypass.no/job/apotek1/job/trk-fullstack-test-qa04//build triggered on https://xxxxxxx.xxxxxxx.buypass.no posting qa04.zip with data:[['json', '{"parameter": [

      {"name": "gitlab/qa04.zip", "file": "file0"}

      , {"name": "WEBHOST", "value": "qa04"}, {"name": "WEBDRIVER", "value": "chromeHeadless"}, {"name": "STATUS", "value": "passed"}]}']]}}

      And the status says:


      This run spent:

      • 6.8 sec waiting;
      • 93 ms build duration;
      • 6.9 sec total from scheduled to completion.


      Is it possible to add a build duration parameter so it can be used?

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