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blueocean view of dynamic parallel stages flattens the previous parallel bubbles if the iteration is single


      I am encountering a strange issue and hope I can get some help. Below is a test jenkins pipeline code which can best demonstrate the issue i am seeing. 
      Stage '1p' executes well with both stage 'a' and 'b' executing in parallel ( stage 'one' and 'two' are sequential stage in 'a' and 'b' ). When Stage '2p' starts, the parallel rendering of stage '1p' (yes, previous stage) flattens out as a single bubble ( parallel view disappears) until '2p' is completed. Once stage '2p' is completed, the state '1p' goes back to parallel stage view. I am not sure if this is a bug or I am missing something. The use case I have is stage '2p' has an input step waiting for QA approval, which could be waiting for several hours and the rest of the pipeline is being rendered as a straight line view, even though there are a lot of stages with parallel execution. 
      fp = [:]
      sp = [:]

      pipeline {
      agent any
      stages {
      stage('1p') {
      steps {
      script {

      { item -> fp[item] = gen_fp(item) }

      parallel fp
      stage('2p') {
      steps {
      script {

      { item -> sp[item] = gen_fp(item) }

      parallel sp
      def gen_fp(item) {
      return {
      stage(item) {

      { sleep 3 echo "one" }


      { sleep 3 echo "two" }


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