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Backup is completed but failed to archive files with error


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    • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, Jenkins 2.332.1, Periodic Backup plugin 1.8.
      S3 location, TarGzStorage

      Backup is creates on S3 but when we download and extract the tgz file to verify the backup we got error:

      Truncated tar archive tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors.

      Jenkins login error show:

      o.j.p.p.TarGzStorage#backupStop: Could not create archive /tmp/jenkins/backup_2022_05_01_22_56_41_351.tar.gz
      Problem creating TAR: request to write '8192' bytes exceeds size in header of '297501645' bytes

      It seem the archive stream have issue with large file (over 3.5GB) (that is the size of the file at the end extraction when we check in the live system). 

      The backup should report failed if it failed to gzip a file and skip the rest as in this case only a portion of Jenkins home was backup. 

      Backup also stop if there is file or folder has been remove due to active Jenkins jobs ran. Leaving only small portion of Jenkins home folder being backup. 

      o.j.p.p.TarGzStorage#backupStop: Could not create archive /tmp/jenkins/backup_2022_05_03_01_20_03_176.tar.gz Problem creating TAR:   /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/uart/builds/38/timestamper/timestamps (No such file or directory) 

      Should the backup failed or just skip this file and continue with the backup? Currently, backup show up in restore page but in fact only fraction of Jenkins folder in the tgz file. 

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