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Bitbucket Server Integration cannot checkout to the remote in a pipeline job


      I have used many pipeline jobs and define the bbs_checkout steps.
      In a pipeline job, it seems that the `bbs_checkout` with the newer version of the plugin cannot access to the credentials
      or something is wrong with the ssh username and password secrets.

      Here is my step code:

      bbs_checkout branches: [[name: "*/${GIT_BRANCH}"]], projectName: GIT_PROJECT, repositoryName: GIT_REPOSITORY, serverId: '21197389-53b2-4e6a-8bf8-b24661cc08b7', sshCredentialsId: GIT_CREDENTIALS

      And the logs are below:

      Bitbucket - responded with not authorized 
      May 06, 2022 1:55:53 PM INFO com.atlassian.bitbucket.jenkins.internal.scm.BitbucketScmHelper getRepository
      Error creating the Bitbucket SCM: Something went wrong when trying to contact Bitbucket Server: Provided credentials cannot access the resource
      May 06, 2022 1:55:53 PM INFO com.atlassian.bitbucket.jenkins.internal.scm.BitbucketSCM initializeGitScm

      This is totally fine when I use the plugin version 2.1.3 with the same credentials. Is there anything spec changed?

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