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Build trigger using Bitbucket webhook not working


      Dear Jenknis team,
      We fail to setup automatic build triggering in Jenkins using Bitbucket webhooks.
      The Bitbucket Server Integration plugin is installed and configured, following the official integration manual
      The triggering method is configured via Bitbucket webhook trigger. The webhook itself is successfully created in Bitbucket and build status is updated as well (builds can be invoked manually from Bitbucket and complete successfully in Jenkins).
      Triggering builds after commit / push / merge is not working though, even when the webhook is active and the latest responses are: http code 200 (success).
      Any idea how we can make it work? Please refer to the screenshots as well.

      The Jenkins log file reports:

      INFO    c.a.b.j.i.t.BitbucketWebhookConsumer#lambda$hasMatchingRepository$6: Base URL of incoming repository selflink - https://xxxxxxxxxx and bitbucket server configured URL - http://xxxxxxxxxx:7991 seems to be be different

      Thank you!

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