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Bitbucket Server Integration clones from upstream instead of mirror for newly created jobs in 3.2+


    • 3.2.2

      Bitbucket Server Integration plugin has a regression in 3.2 where it clones from the upstream server, even when configured to clone from the mirror for newly created jobs. Jobs created prior to 3.2 will continue to clone from the mirror.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Upgrade Bitbucket Server Integration to 3.2
      2. Create a job that is configured to clone from a mirror
      3. Build the job

      Expected output

      • Job clones from the mirror

      Actual output

      • If you inspect the console log, you will see that the job actually clones from the usptream.


      This is not reproducible in 3.1.0.
      No known workaround.

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